At Allied Pacifik,
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No references or credit checks

Absolute privacy and discretion

Does not appear
on any credit reporting

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Stock Based Loans

A Non-Recourse Stock Loan is defined as a loan that is exclusively secured by specific stock(s)

This type of loan allows the borrower to access the locked-in value of their equity position without needing to sell their shares in the open market.

This stock based loan is also completely private and secure. No credit checks, no references, no credit reporting.

The operation is a private agreement not for public record.

Every transaction is assessed based on its own merits. Generally, Allied Pacifik will loan up to 50% of value, and in certain circumstances are able to reach 65%.

Interest rates vary from 3.5% to over 10% in certain circumstances. More often than not, Allied Pacifik SPC will manage to achieve a very competitive rate.

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At Maturity

Allied Pacifik can also fund public companies' capital needs through private placement and debt

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